OEC Records is here with a whole new concept of serving as your “Document Doctor”. Now stay aback and relax while we take care of all your important document storage and management. OEC Records offers you an array of services that help you manage all your important documents from inception to destruction.
Is your work space getting congested because of piles of documents and files that are just lying around? Paper work is the largest overhead expense for any company as their active files grow at a rate of 25% per year. Moreover managers are often running behind documents that are lost, untrackable or misfiled leading to delay in work resulting in unproductivity.
Rather than spending your worthy time behind lost documents and misfiled paperwork, We offer you a one stop shop solution to all your document storage problems and promise to be secure, fast and low costed.

Concerned towards your asset management, we are focused towards controlling the volume and growth of records that help in reducing the operation cost through active management and intelligent outsourcing decisions. Not only are we involved with legislative and regulatory compliances, but we also ensure risk management concerns like litigation.

We incorporate the emerging records management technologies that is helpful to support enhanced performance and the overall efficiency and productivity of your organization’s processes in turn providing high level security to safeguard your organization’s vital and crucial information, including historical records and also guarantee secure destruction of your information and records with the help of proper destruction services like shredding documents and recycling them, to avoid disclosure of any sort of information about your organization.

Enabling quicker and better management, we allow you to take a break from all the work of compilation and destruction from the ever rising paperwork requirements and ensure that besides handling physical storage, we create an online backup of your documents that can be retrieved at anytime from anywhere.

All different departments of your organization which generate voluminous paperwork, can now be stored electronically with online backup options, thus allowing OEC to resolve your storage needs!

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